General Surgery

General Surgery

The primary consultants of the department of surgery are dedicated and committed to patient care with vast experience ranging between 17 to 34 years. The faculty has a positive mindset and takes an undeterred approach in all situations. The significant features of the department include an advanced breast clinic, high end laparoscopic and stapler procedure equipment, proctology services, trauma care, bariatric surgery, hepato-biliary surgery and oncological services.

Special Clinics

  • Breast
  • Hepatobiliary
  • Proctology
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  • Elective surgery Head and neck- Benign and malignant conditions of salivary glands, thyroid ,parathyroid, lymph nodes , cysts and other swellings.
  • Thorax- Breast surgeries, Chest trauma.
  • Abdomen- Inguinal, incisional and all ventral hernias, Mass abdomen(benign and cancerous), retroperitoneal mass, surgeries on scrotum, spleen, Benign and malignant conditions in the abdomen.
  • Extremities- Swellings (both benign and malignant), amputations
  • Proctology- Fissure, fistula, Hemorrhoids, Biopsy
  • Emergency Surgery Acute painful swellings
  • Appendicectomy, Perforations,Peritonitis, Intestinal obstruction
  • Blunt and penetrating abdominal injuries.
  • Soft tissue injury.
  • Resuscitation of poly trauma, control of hemorrhage.

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