Cancer, a disease which has had the stranglehold of people for centuries has off late seen some respite due to medical & technological advancements. Medical oncology which deals with the systemic treatment of cancer is the primary mode of treatment for cancers involving blood, lymphatic organs and a majority of childhood cancers.

HCG Ramaiah Cancer Centre, with its cutting edge clinical research technologies delivers comprehensive cancer care with a multidisciplinary oncological team which includes specialists in medical, surgical, radiation and psychological oncology. From chemotherapy to hormonal therapy to antibody therapy & immunotherapy, the centre provides an all round support & treatment.


  • Offers safe and effective systemic therapy for cancer
  • Cancers of blood and solid organs are treated in both children and adults
  • World class protocols with constant upgrades
  • High dose curative chemotherapy regimens, immunotherapy and antibody therapies are available
  • Care and maintenance of central lines
  • State of the art hemato-oncology care and bone marrow transplant facilities
  • Collaboration with renowned cancer care institutes like HCG and University of Illinois Chicago for offering the best care
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  • Chemotherapy for blood and lymph nodes (Leukemia and Lymphoma)
  • Surgical excision of tumor - radio-immunoguided surgery (RIGS), ultrasound and LASER surgery, and chemotherapy via an implanted hepatic artery infusion pump.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for metastasis/ malignancies, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
  • Adjuvant therapy following surgical interventions with risk of recurrence.
  • Immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.

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