An old adage says, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But to endorse this thought, the vision and sight of the beholder need to be in place!

Our experienced ophthalmologists with expertise in each sub-speciality including cataract, cornea and external eye diseases, uvea, retina, orbit and oculoplasty, paediatric ophthalmology & strabismus, and glaucoma ensure that this sense organ works to its optimum level.


  • Facilities for diagnosis and management of refractive errors including contact lens services, diabetic retinopathy, computer vision syndrome etc
  • Well-equipped OPD with instruments to diagnose most ophthalmological disorders
  • Advanced therapeutics for cataract with features like stitch-less, injection-less cataract surgery(SICS as well as phacoemulsification) as an ambulatory procedure
  • Laser treatment of various eye disorders like diabetic retinopathy, posterior capsular opacification, glaucoma and so on.
  • Composite care for diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, headache, rheumatologic diseases etc., in conjunction with doctors of other specialities under one roof.
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  • Sutureless, Injectionless, Patchless cataract surgery
  • Retina and Uvea Clinic with provision for lasers, fundus fluorescein angiography, intravitreal injections and retinal surgeries
  • Glaucoma clinic for screening, evaluating and treating various types of galucoma.
  • Cornea clinic with facilities for contact lens, cornea-transplants (keratoplasties) and ocular surface distorders
  • Pediatric ophthalmology, Neuro Ophthalmology and strabismus clinic evaluates and treats various eye diseases in children and corrects squint in all age groups.
  • Orbit and Oculoplasty clinic comprises of lid, orbit and reconstruction surgeries, along with periocular aesthetics.

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