The Beat Goes On

December 11, 2018

It was a normal busy OPD day for us, when I got a call for consultation. There was a middle aged man with his wife waiting at the reception. They walked into the consultation room. Mr. Hari Babu, 44 years old, who underwent Angioplasty in another hospital a couple of weeks ago, wanted to enrol himself into the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. While surfing the internet for cardiac rehabilitation programs in Bangalore, he came across Ramaiah Memorial Hospital and decided to come by. During the conversation with them I realised that he was very keen about his health and fitness after the incident.

After having about 20 minutes of conversation with them, he was ready to enrol himself into cardiac rehab program. On further history & assessment, we realised he had high cholesterol level & reduced endocrine levels. He was intensely enthusiastic towards Cardiac Rehab Program and was very regular and punctual for the sessions. The protocol included endurance training, aerobic training, flexibility exercises, and strengthening exercises. He was advised to perform at home with some modification. Initially, low intensity exercises were introduced for him and gradually progressed further. As we made headway with the sessions, he observed reduction in his weight, he felt more positive towards his health. His general tiredness and lethargy reduced and he started incorporating exercise protocol in his daily routine and was achieving the targeted health goals.

At the end of cardiac rehabilitation program for him, re-assessment was done and there were many positive changes in his health. He had reduced his weight, was more energetic and his cholesterol levels were back to normal with improvement in EF (ejection fraction). He visited his cardiologist with these results and his doctor was extremely happy about the results and advised him to continue the same. The patient was content with the results.

As it’s said, hard work, dedication, regularity and positive attitude will definitely fetch you to remarkable results at the end. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.