Happy New Year- 2019

Happy New Year- 2019

January 2, 2019

We have welcomed yet another New Year. It brings with it a new beginning, newer opportunities and a host of resolutions to be achieved over the next 365 days! People mostly make resolutions for ‘every new year’ as it is a fresh start at something which gives them 12 months to achieve it.

Research shows, only 8% of people actually meet their New Year goals!  Just goes to show that you make resolutions to break it. Among the most common resolutions made as per a recent study by iQuanti, ‘getting healthy & fit’ – tops the list! The searches for other important aspects such as  ‘live a positive life’, ‘cultivate new hobbies’, ‘travel’, ‘read more’ etc., have also seen a dramatic decrease in the recent times.

So, where is it going wrong?                                  

Old habits die hard. One cannot expect a person to change his habits overnight. For an obese person to lose substantial weight and become healthier takes a lot of time and patience; similarly, for a chain smoker, it takes a great deal of willpower to quit smoking altogether. When the goals are too ambitious and not very realistic, people tackle the problems aggressively, with extreme diets and exercises which are not practical in the longer run. This often makes them fail to meet the target, lose confidence and give up on their resolutions. 

So, is there a solution out there?

With health goals, people try to reach the moon, which is prima facie the hindrance. Today, people are obsessed with ‘gym fitness’, the quicker and more aggressive way (perhaps) of getting in shape. Although getting in shape is a beautiful and vital thing, for total fitness, you need to focus on keeping your mind, body and soul happy, peaceful and healthy.

 Here are a few valuable tips for instant Nirvana in 2019.  I plan to follow it. You too can join the effort. 

  1. Think positive and spread happiness.

 Staying positive doesn’t mean running away from unpleasant situations, it is about taking a positive and more productive approach to every situation. Further, only when you love yourself, you care for your body and overall well-being. Practise the art of positive self-talk, this is proven to reduce stress and improve your quality of health. Smile and smile often, which is the easiest way to spread happiness.

Meditation is a great way to introspect and understand oneself. Include just 10 minutes of meditation to start with into your routine.

2. Do one thing at a time.

Make simple plans that you can achieve. Don’t forget you are an ordinary mortal and have no idea of your destiny. Let us take one step at a time –

  • Eating consciously. Reduce junk food. Include fruits & vegetables in your diet.
  • Do not to skip meals, rather start eating small portions at regular intervals.
  • Reduce sugars & salt in your diet. Drink more water.
  •  Sleep early and get a good 6 hours of sleep.
  • Reduce if not quit smoking, drinking & unnecessary stress.

 You have 12 months to achieve these, so start taking up one point for each month!

3. Include a good workout plan

Every person’s physical requirements are different. No one size fits all. Start today for a better tomorrow.

4. Get a yearly health check-up done.

It is important to have yourself physically examined (especially after the age of 30) by qualified professionals from time to time. Make it a point not to procrastinate and get health check-ups done as advised by your physician. 

5. Holistic living

Each person’s idea of happiness is different. Some like to travel, some want quality family time; while some find peace in detoxing their body in the spas, few unwind by watching a movie with their friends.  Some read books, others go on treks.

I plan to do all. We have not much time left. We only live once. Let us make the best of it. Stop cribbing, stop hating and stop the devil in your mind. We can make this world beautiful and paint it with a rainbow of colours. Let us spread goodness everywhere.

Wishes & more!

To get ahead in life, the primary step is to get started – Remember the famous quote – One small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind. So, start the journey, think smart, stay fit and enjoy life. We wish one & all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2019. May you have abundant joy and success in all your endeavours!

Dr Naresh Shetty, President, RMH

~ Published by Tingg