Skin - the barrier between the internal body tissues and the environment, needs meticulous care. Our team of dermatologists gives specialized care for people with skin, hair or nail problems. The department also incorporates venereology (the branch of medicine for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS).


  • Investigative procedures such as skin biopsies, slit smears, tissue smears, fungal scrapings etc, are undertaken
  • Procedures including electrofulguration, radiofrequency cautery, cryotherapy, intra-lesion injections and equipment such as whole body UV chamber as well as hand and foot unit are available

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  • Inpatient care of extensive / life threatening skin disorders like pemphigus, exfoliative dermatitis, complicated psoriasis
  • Treatment of all kinds of skin problems
  • Surgical procedures like punch grafting, excision of small tumors etc.
  • Cosmetic procedures like chemical peels
  • Nd-Yag long pulsed laser - For hair removal
  • Fractional CO2 laser - For treatment of small warts or tumours and for cosmetic skin resurfacing
  • Radiofrequency cautery - For removal of warts and tumours
  • Cryotherapy - Freezing with liquid nitrogen for warts and tumours
  • Phototherapy - Whole body and hand/foot units for treatment of vitiligo (white patches) and psoriasis
  • Investigative procedures - Biopsies, scraping, slit smears etc, for diagnosis

Our Team

Dr A L Shyam Prasad
Dr A L Shyam Prasad
MBBS, MD, Consultant – Dermatologist
Dr Shivaswamy K N
Dr Shivaswamy K N
MD, DNB, Consultant - Dermatologist
Dr Sumathy T K
Dr Sumathy T K
MD, MNAMS, Consultant - Dermatologist
Dr Praveen Kumar S
Dr Praveen Kumar S
MBBS, DNB, Consultant - Dermatologist