Plastic Surgery

We believe the beauty of a person lies in the confidence he carries. Nothing should ever deter the confidence of a person, be it an untoward incident or a medical defect. The plastic surgery department at our hospital, manned with qualified and experienced surgeons who cater to people from all walks of life assure to help you restore your confidence with the correction treatment procedures. Be it a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, our proficiency is flanked by cutting-edge equipment, efficient staff & ace facilities.

  • Leica microscope, pneumatic drill & cutting system along with latest microsurgery equipment
  • Trauma and reconstruction
  • Burns clinic - Surgery for post-burn deformity and disfigurement, pressure (bed) sores, diabetic foot, hands, genitals and elephantiasis of legs
  • Cosmetic clinic - Scars, white patches, rhinoplasty, facelift as well as breast surgery, liposuction, body contouring, laser surgery and hair transplant

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  • Birth defects: Clefts of lips, palate and face, with skull, bone, finger, hand, foot defects
  • Cut and crush injury, craniofacial fractures and anomalies
  • Reconstructions – Cancer and complicated hand reconstructions
  • Skull‐based surgery for cancer of the para-nasal sinuses and the middle ear
  • Finger and hand replantation, cancer reconstruction (of head, neck, jaws, limbs & breast)
  • Nerve injury particularly brachial plexus injury & trauma with compound tissue defects in fractured limbs

Our Team

Dr Manjunath K N
Dr Manjunath K N
MS, DNB, M.CH, Consultant - Plastic Surgeon
Dr Shanta Kumar
Dr Shanta Kumar
MS, M.CH, Consultant - Plastic Surgeon